Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tech Link (Processor): The Desktop CPU Comparison Guide

A new revision of the Desktop CPU has been posted over at TechArp. I don't really care much about non-Intel CPU since I always have the latest one anyway and available to all visitors by clicking on the Intel® Processor Details link. But if you are interested about other CPUs, then expand and read more.

There are so many CPU models that it has become quite impossible to keep up with the different models or even remember their specifications!

Therefore, we decided to compile this guide to provide an easy reference for those who are interested in comparing the specifications of the various desktop CPUs in the market, as well as those already obsolescent or obsolete.

Currently covering over 580 desktop CPUs, this comprehensive comparison will allow you to easily compare up to 18 different specifications for each and every CPU!

We hope it will prove to be a useful reference. We will keep this guide updated regularly so do check back for the latest updates!

Source:The Desktop CPU Comparison Guide

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