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Misc: THG Upgraded; Gear Digest Launched

THG have just undergone another make over. They look a lot cleaner now, and I have to say I like this one better than the old. However, it doesn't look like a tech site anymore, it looks more like a marketing site, an Apple* site if you may. Anyway, check their site out and maybe see if its something you like, or you don't like, or you just don't care what they look like, or have never heard of the site before. Expand to read what they have to say about it.

THG Upgraded; Gear Digest Launched
Omid Rahmat
February 5, 2007 01:48

Can we make you happy? Probably not, but we keep trying. In that spirit, 2007 is going to be a year of changes for us, changes that we hope will make you happy.

You will see some of those changes in our network today, changes designed to address some of your concerns, as well as adding opportunities for future expansion:

MobilityGuru and DenGuru have been combined into one site called Gear Digest (, We hope that in so doing, we will be better able to serve up reviews, news, and information on all things consumer electronics. There is a world of technology outside of the traditional PC market and we want to cover it, and bring our perspective to bear.
Tom's Hardware Guide has had a facelift. We have tried to clean up the design, and make it easier for our audience to navigate the site. I hope that you will find it an improvement and a benefit.
We have added drop down menus in the left hand navigation bar which should get you to our most popular categories quickly, and intuitively.
The Search function on the network has been improved. It should be quicker, and deliver the results you need.
We have made it easier for you to access our Archives, which are extensive, and go all the way back to 1996 when Tom's Hardware Guide first opened up shop.
We are going to be doing more on the video front so, we have placed a direct link to our videos in our navigation.
We have a few blogs running today, but we expect to have many more in the coming year. You will find a link to our blogs now integrated into the navigation.
The article pages have been reformatted to increase the amount of content per page, reducing the number of clicks you have to make, and we are working hard to reduce the clutter on those pages.
We have changed the TG Publishing corporate logo, and updated the corporate web site, too.
That's just today. There will be a number of other updates to the site over the coming months. Yes, there will be an article print function. Yes, TG Daily is getting a makeover soon. Yes, we will be adding new categories to all of the sites, and increasing our coverage. No, we don't give test hardware away to pleading members of our audience.

Just drop me a line with any comments or suggestions to I cannot promise that I will answer every email, but I will read them all. Finally, if you find a bug, or have problems with a particular browser, please let know so we can make the necessary fixes.

Omid Rahmat CEO TG Publishing

Source:THG Upgraded; Gear Digest Launched

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