Friday, February 02, 2007

Brag: dm hits highest HWBOT daily submission!

Woot, I hit a highest score submitted for the day! After trying out a lot of configurations, I manage to hit some home run score for the TipidPC team. Below is a screenshot of the score posted today at HWBOT, and since it's refreshed daily, I snag a screencapture of this rare event and experience. Click on the image for the full screenie!

This will be the last week that I will be able to submit score for the team actively, and I hope I submitted enough scores to maintain the current TPC standing up there at Top200 together with the big boys. Benching rigs all on air is a tough challenge, specially if you know you are going against top personalities in the overclocking world that uses special cooling and high end parts.

It's #3 World Record for wPrime32 and wPrime1024, and that's awesome! I hope I'll be able to maintain that stand for quite some time, but hey, I know that it'll be left to dust but not before I savor the success.

Well, that's all for today. I will savor my success and celebrate it by taking my dinner with a good ol' bottle of my favorite booze, coffee!!! (Ok, it's not "booze" but I consider it as that, so there...)

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