Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tech Link (Industry): Fuad Abazovic waves the INQ goodbye

Sorry, when speaking of INQ, I always don't have anything witty to add (come to think of it, whether it's INQ or other things, I don't have anythign witty to add). Anyway, it's about FUDO leaving INQ for good. Check it out....

Subject: fudo

This is NOT a flame.

Good luck to you Fuad. Sincerely. I believe this is my second letter to Inq ever, and I believe this warrants it. I've read the Inq ALOT over the years, and while not everything is 100 percent accurate, it is the first thing i look at when i pop onto the web. I could never understand the utter lack of dignity some people have in regards to Fuad. If it weren't for people like him that push the envelope of news and such, the web would be a pretty boring place, for me at least.

I really don't know how he handles all the critisism he recieves, but i have huge respect for him for being able to do so. In fact, if he does have some involvement in RyderMark, i will purchase it for that reason alone, to show my support. And i've already bookmarked his new website. I hope everyone at the Inq appreciates what he's done.

And I have no doubt that there are companies out there that USE Fuad to spread dissinformation and lies, in the interest of distancing themselves from said lies. The people that use the Inq as pawns are the ones that should be chastised and punished, not the other way around. It sickens me and it has for a long time. I'm sure there are many reporters for the Inq that get used in that way. In any event, I really do wish Fuad the best of luck. So many people bash him, it makes me very VERY angry. So this is my only way to show some appreciation, and i'm sure others feel similarily.

Again, good luck Fuad.


Source:Fuad Abazovic waves the INQ goodbye

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