Saturday, February 24, 2007

Brag: A 4GHz fun run with Intel® Celeron® D 352 [3.2GHz] (Cedar Mill)

Ok, I know I haven't installed the 3rd and last CPU which I have to check and see if it's a Penryn-based CPU. But hey, after posting the first one which happened to be a Conroe-L
and the second to be an Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E6320 I really don't have my hopes up. So I am just leaving it there in the box and decided to try a known CPU which I haven't played on yet.

This is Presler's younger brother. If you have been keeping up to breast with Intel processors, these Intel® Pentium® D 900 series overclocked well even if they are dual core. So I also have my hopes up for this Cedar Mill baby, the single core edition of Pressler based on 65nm.

As you can see from the CPU-Z screen (click on the image for the validation link), it's a hefty 4GHz clockage. It is stable with stock vCore of 1.27v on stock heatsink. And when I say stable, it can complete these benchmarks:

  • SuperPi 32m

  • PCMark04

  • PCMark05

  • Prime95 for one(1) hour

This is a great budget CPU, specially for HTPC though a bit dated in terms of technology. But hey, if you're a FanBoy, anything and everything Intel is good-to-go. That's all for the day, hope you have a great day. FanBoy out...

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