Sunday, February 25, 2007

Press Release: Nine Embedded Computing Form Factors with Intel® Core™ 2 Duo at a Stroke

Kontron has refreshed their line of products to support the new breed of CPU from Intel. I have posted an earlier Press Release (about a year ago) about their Intel® Core™ Duo and Intel® Core™ Solo products, and this new product will be a major step forward. I believe it's an easy migration since Intel® Core™ Duo and Intel® Core™ 2 Duo are socket-compatible and voltage compatible. Check it out, it's drool-worthy products.

The Second Dual-Core Wave Arrives with Maximum Form Factor Power

Eching / Nuremberg, February 13, 2007 – Timed to launch with the Intel® Embedded Roadmap, Kontron debuted its latest wave of technology for Intel® Core™2 Duo processors. With an impressive nine different embedded platforms available between now and the end of the first quarter, Kontron will offer the latest board technology across a variety of form factors with Intel’s new multi-core architecture.

The new Intel® Core™2 Duo micro-architecture is designed to deliver increased performance and better performance-per-watt thus increasing overall energy efficiency, making it one of the most important embedded processors for 2007. The product portfolio ranges from computer-on-modules ETX® 3.0 and ETXexpress®/COM Express, four embedded motherboards including Mini-ITX, Flex-ATX and ATX in two versions, up to SBCs for PICMG 1.3, 3U CompactPCI, 6U CompactPCI and last not least AdvancedMC. Kontron is the world’s only vendor of embedded computer technology with such a complete product range of all relevant embedded form factors, so large OEMs that require different form factors for different applications within their company can get them all from a single vendor – reducing their overall cost and increasing their current and future flexibility significantly.

The Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor T7x00 is one of the latest members of Intel’s “performance” product line of multi-core processors based on the new Intel® Core™ micro-architecture. Users that are already using or plan to use existing platforms from Kontron based on the Intel® Core™ Duo processor T2400/T2500 will have a seamless performance boost by moving to the Intel® Core™2 Duo processor T7400 which offers 4MB, twice as much L2 cache – which can be dynamically assigned to each of the cores, as well as a 64-bit architecture.

The power consumption of the new processors is only slightly higher than the Intel Core Duo processors due to new features like “enhanced speedstep” and “dynamic bus parking”. Customers will also have available to them system-enhancing technologies in these new processor/chipset platforms such as Intel® Virtualization Technology and Intel® Advanced Management Technology (Intel® AMT). The Intel® Core™2 Duo processor T7400, with a thermal design power of 34 watts, is ideal for communications and embedded designs requiring a low thermal envelope. Kontron’s choice of the T7x00 for future designs in a variety of form factors shows the versatility and flexibility of our latest energy-efficient processors.

Source:Nine Embedded Computing Form Factors with Intel® Core™ 2 Duo at a Stroke

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