Friday, February 16, 2007

Tech Link (Motherboard): Asus Commando: First Look at a Dream Mainboard

XbitLabs seems mighty impressed about this board, that they have given it with such an award (click on the image for the bigger version). I have tested a couple of that motherboard model, and the only complaint I have is the vDroop is still in there. If you're looking for a perfect Intel board, then this may not be it, but this doesn't make it a loser but instead, still a great board. Check out what XBit has to say.

There is no absolute ideal, you can always find things that can be improved. However, Asus Commando mainboard seems to closer than anyone else to the “ideal mainboard’ title. Rich settings, high-quality design, outstanding functionality – all these parameters meet the highest criteria and give us every right to call this mainboard one of the best. There are a lot of good mainboards out there, but the remarkable thing about Asus Commando is that it is universal! Extreme overclocking fans will receive a lot of fine-tuning options, so that they could fight for each additional megahertz, for each timing. However, even commencing overclockers will be able to achieve impressive results in automatic mode.

It is hard for me to find drawbacks in Asus Commando mainboard. Maybe it could be the absence of the COM and LPT ports? Yes, it is drawback, but not a dramatic one for a contemporary mainboard. Then, maybe, it is high price? Of course, it should be high, but can we really say that this price is unjustified? So much effort and hard work has been put into this mainboard that it simply cannot be cheap. If price is a crucial factor for you, there is a plenty of other Asus mainboards or solutions from different makers that would be within your budget. Continuing our car analogies: can we say that McLaren F1 is a bad car because it is expensive? They no longer make these cars, it was and is nearly impossible to buy, it belongs to that type of vehicles that you can only dream of. But unlike McLaren F1, anyone can purchase an Asus Commando dream-board. All you need is desire and money.

In conclusion to our discussion of performance and features of the new ASUS Commando mainboard, we decided to award it with the prestigious Editor’s Choice Title as the Today’s Best Mainboard on Intel P965 –°hipset:

Source:Asus Commando: First Look at a Dream Mainboard

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