Friday, February 02, 2007

Tech Link (Technology): Intel's Penryn Core

If you want to know more about Penryn and the existing articles posted on well-known sites doesn't satisfy your hunger, then LostCircuits has an article posted for your viewing pleasure. Expand this article to read up MS' summary.


On January 26, 2007, Intel went public with the demonstration of their first processor core - codename Penryn - manufactured on a 45 nm dry lithography and running several operating systems at roughly over 2 GHz core speed. The manufacturing process - P1266 - has been working since January 2006 for the manufacture of the highest density SRAM cell array in the industry and is based on bringing back metal gates into the transistors while replacing the (SiO2) insulator with a precision-manufactured hafnium alloy High-k substrate using ALD technology.

The 45nm process-technology promises to put an end to leakage current runaway and allows the placing of roughly twice as many transistors per area compared to the hitherto used 65 nm (1264) process. Yield analysis is good at this point and the A0 silicon running is no small accomplishment. What else has Intel in stock for the next few months?

And what are IBM / AMD saying to all of this?

Source:Intel's Penryn Core

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