Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tech Link (Technology): Intel Says 45 Nanometer Microprocessors Due Later This Year

I just stumbled upon this link after a friend directed me to it. It's a very nice video, providing a lot of information about the 45nm technology from Intel. I have embedded it here in my Blog, but I also provided the true source of this link. I really love the "documentary"-style video, and I hope more will be made in the future. Enjoy (and ensure you have good broadband).

Intel announced that it will begin making 45 nanometer chips, code-named Penryn, in the second half of the year. The new microprocessors are the culmination of years of R&D using new materials to improve the efficiency and performance of silicon-based semiconductors.

The company says the new chip technology maintains Moore's Law, the observation made by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore in the late 1960s that the number of transistors doubles on chips every two years. Intel scientists say that transistors are now so small that more than 300 can fit on a human red blood cell.

In a recent earnings announcement, Intel officials said they expect to rebuild a lead in the computer chip market through innovation and manufacturing efficiency. Intel's current line of microprocessors includes the Core2Duo, Core2Extreme, and Core2Quad.

In this video podcast, PodTech's Jason Lopez visits Intel's Hillsboro, Oregon research facility and fab.

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Source:Intel Says 45 Nanometer Microprocessors Due Later This Year

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