Monday, February 19, 2007

Tech Link (Chassis): Thermaltake Lanbox

Overclocker Cafe posted a review of Thermaltake's nifty LanBox chassis. I'd love to have one as well, but hey, I am still pretty happy with my Focus Nemesis chassis which I haven't even begun to open yet, yay for me! Check it out if you're looking for a new LanBox for your matx system,


Thermaltake has come up with an exceptionally practical and stylish case with their LANBOX. Accepting MicroATX mainboards in a package just a hair larger than a MiniITX based SFF rig is a nice accomplishment. Under power, the loudest thing in the case was the Northbridge cooler which easily overpowered the low volume of the 90mm and two 60mm included fans. Thermaltake's Key 3 Spirit seems to be well defined here but sold short. I believe aesthetics are every bit as important as Tt's other "three keys" and the Tt LANBOX has that one nailed in a highly portable package with clean lines and a subtle elegant appeal. The only area of concern was that of height restrictions closing some cooling option choices. This is notable but not a huge deal because to alter the case design so that it could take the largest of coolers gets away from its primary focus of being a very compact LAN box. Thermaltake has put out a great case with the LANBOX which as soon as I finish writing this review, will be the new home to my personal LAN rig.

Source:Thermaltake Lanbox

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