Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tech Link (Cooler): Thermalright Ultima-90 ES vs TT120

There's a user posted review over at XS about an unreleased cooler from Thermalright. The prospects are good, and it beats Sunbeam Tuniq Tower 120 soundly. Check it out and save up.

Final Remarks

The Ultima-90 has delivered some note worthy results in the two weeks spent testing. The Ultima-90, in conjunction with an e6400 is outperforming a heatsink that dwarfs it in size - why? The answer could be in the heat pipe number combined with the large amount of fins. There are 6 heatpipe coolers such as the Scythe Ninja and 45+ fin coolers like the Tuniq. The performance differential between the Ultima-90 and Tuniq appears to come from combining the two. A 48 fin cooler with 6x6mm heatpipes seems very efficient at heat dissipation. Therein is the difference, never in my searching have a found a heatsink that so densely packs the two together. Distance between the base and the bottom fins may also come into play. Heat does not have to travel long on the Ultima-90 before it reaches the lowest fins. Lastly, the Ultima-90 heatpipes converge right at the beginning and travel the breadth of the base.

For the future, I look forward to more examples of employing 7-9mm heatpipe solutions as has been done on the Enzotech Ultra-X and Thermalright IFX-14.

At this point, I have to say the Ultima-90, once delivered, should be an outstanding high performance cooler at what will probably be a reasonable price.

I'd like to thank Thermalright for sending me this engineering sample and SVC.com for sending the Tuniq out quickly and in good condition.

Many thanks also must go out to ChaosMinionX at Xtremesystems forums for helping me in the methodology of this review. I promise I will get a run of coollabs liquid pro in soon!

Source:Thermalright Ultima-90 ES vs TT120

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