Saturday, March 24, 2007

Tech Link (Memory): Geil Ultra Plus 1gb PC6400

I stumbled upon a tech site that I am not familiar with, XSreviews. They seemed like a pretty decent site, I have yet to read more articles before I can say if it's good or bad, well, according to my taste. Anyway, they review a good memory from GeIL* which used to be one of my trusted memory manufacturer during the DDR1 days. Check out the site...


The Ultra Plus 6400 kit from Geil is an absolutely fantastic overclocker. It has crazy tight timings at stock speeds, but loosen them up and crank up the voltage and you will have some monster overclocks on the horizon. The fact that this is a 1gb kit will hold back those looking to game with this kit but anyone looking to spec up a solid Athlon64 or P4 rig would be well advised to think of the Geil Ultra series 1gb kit.

Source:Geil Ultra Plus 1gb PC6400

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