Monday, March 05, 2007

Tech Link (Industry): Is AMD being hypocritical about benchmark ethics?

George Ou of ZDNet has a recent blog post about AMD*'s comment on Intel* benchmarking. It's always nice to see the other sides of the story from an independent "party/person". I have captured a part of his blog post, check it out.

So we have AMD screaming about Intel’s misleading benchmarks, promises not to do same thing, then appears to turn around gives us outdated scores from a month earlier showing a small AMD advantage when the updated scores actually showed a larger advantage for Intel. I did a little research and it appears that the updated base scores from Dell were published on February 26th 2007 which is only one day before the presentation so it would be reasonable to let that slide. But the updated Intel "Peak" scores from Fujitsu Siemens were published by on February 8 2007 which was nearly three weeks before this AMD presentation at the W Hotel on February 27th 2007 so it's a little hard to believe that AMD wouldn't have known about it yet AMD chose to use a one month old slide showing us outdated inferior Intel results.

Source:Is AMD being hypocritical about benchmark ethics?

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