Sunday, March 18, 2007

Brag: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E6420 Initial Benchmarks (and 50% Overclock)

Well, I finally got the time to plug in the 3rd CPU I got from the old box of goodies I got some time ago. It isn't based on Penryn, as seen on the CPU-Z screenshot and validation link. It's a good overclocking CPU, and performs really well. The 4MB L2 cache has done wonders with the CPU, and performance has really improved. If you would like to see the initial benchmarks and the 50% OC, then expand for more...

Disclaimer: This is an ES CPU, retail may or may not have changes from this sample.

Quick Overclock:
This is just a quick and dirty FSB overclocking and nothing fancy. This overclock can be done even by those noob overclockers, the processor is just so OC friendly. I reached 1600MHz FSB (400MHz QPB) in just under 10mins, and it's rock stable. I can run multi-threaded prime for more than 2hours, complete all kinds of FutureMark* benchmarks, and it'll run happy with Aquamark03, and even Doom3 time demo. And yes, it's on stock cooler and all stock voltage too.

Stock Benchmarks:
For the curious, test set up can be seen on the CPU-Z validation, and aside from that, I am using a typical WinHEC 550 Power Supply, and stock cooler. Here are some early stock benchies for you to feast on going head on against Intel® Pentium® D 940.

Cinebench 9.5

wPrime 32M

SuperPi 1M

That is all for now, FanBoy out...


Anonymous said...

Do you recommend this over an E6600?
I'm still waiting for the price drops but if this can perform at the same level as a E6600 then I'm all over this

death_metal said...

Note that it is similar to Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E6400, but it has 4MB of L2 cache so clock for clock, the Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E6600 is still better, specially on stock.

However, in the end, it will depend on your budget if you are going for this or the higher clocked one.

Anonymous said...

Actually the 6420 can go Up to 3.7Ghz as done by another reviewer but you need your own CPU Cooler a Zalman one would be good and thats it you bought it for cheap and now it's powerful due to overclocking the hell out of it at 3.7Ghz.
Mental I'm gonna do that to mine soon it's now at 2.8Ghz on a stock cooler gonna buy the zalman and overclock it to 3.7 or a bit lower.

death_metal said...

Nice info, thanks for sharing...