Friday, March 09, 2007

Brag: I just played with my new toyz (Bearlake-based boards and Mini-ITX board)

Sorry, no picture or any proof but I can assure you that I haven't lied to my visitors, and that I have these sample boards in my possesion. I love these new babies, the stability is commendable at such an early stage of preproduction.

Bearlake board is performing nicely, with just a minor quirk, I can't make the on-board lan work but everything is a-ok. Anyone fancy ICH9? Woot, and if you're not familiar with Bearlake, well, better Google it (yay hehe). Anyway, the Mini ITX board is great as well, it works on standard PSU and it is really performing nicely with Windows XP.

I'l see if I can get the "go" to post even just the pictures, and I'll put it up ASAP. For now, I am just bragging I have these already. FanBoy out...

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