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Article: "300" - a FanBoy's take on the movie...

I just came from watching this really awesome movie. I did a little research because I loved it. I only watch it because I have been enjoying the trailer I've been seeing and I was intrigued by it. I'll be honest, I am no movie guru so whatever info I got came from the official site. I really liked this movie that prompted me to post this Blog and my take on the movie. If you are interested with my blabbering, expand for more (Warning: there might be spoilers).

I. Background
The movie is about the legend of the Battle of Thermopylae wayback 480 BC. This is a film my Zack Snyder, based on the graphic novel "300" by Frank Miller and Lyn Varley. The story revolves around the invasion of the massive Persian army. King Leonidas (Gerard Butler/Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life) must defend his homeland, Sparta, with his legion of "300" Spartan warriors against hundreds/thousands adversaries led by led by it's powerful God-King Xerxes The Great (Rodrigo Santoro/Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle).

II. Storyline
I can not fault the movie for the simplicity of the movie in terms of storyline. There's not much that has changed from start to finish. This maybe because the movie is focused on that point of time of invasion. I can't really count the days that has passed, but if I can recall it correctly, it happened all within a 3-day timeframe (I base this on the time Queen Gorgo (Lena Headey/The Brothers Grimm) asking for appearance with the Greek officials).

III. Characters
This is one movie where I am not familiar with the casts that I have really appreciated the acting. I can't believe I really enjoyed each character, despite the lack of development or changes in them. While this is understandable (I mean, the whole thing happened in less than a week), I still liked these characters a lot.

I love the Persian leader Xerxes The Great, man, he's one heck of a giant. He stands so tall, King Leonidas has to look up when he's talking to him. He (Xerxes) looks kinda "gay" though, and he has a voice that is undescribable, really like a "God". It has some echo sound to it, that is emphasized by smooth, low, bass notes.

Of course I love the primary character King Leonidas, the way he deliveres the message and shouting “Spartans! Tonight we dine in Hell!” is so sexy! He has a range of emotions shown all thru the movie, but he seems to be, for most part, angry. He looks like he has mood swings, from being perfectly calm, then a rabid killer.

Queen Gorgo is gorgeous. She's sexy, and she did show some "flesh" here (Nipple Alert). I don't really like that part of the movie where she makes love with the King (who is nude, eeeew), if I like porn, I know where to look. Anyway, she portrays a very strong Spartan woman and I like the way she acted.

The rest of the army is just blood thirsty, and this has been portrayed well by all the casts. They enjoyed the battle very much, and are very happy in battle. Dying in battle will be their ultimate glory, and this has been clearly shown. They are very loyal to the King, willing to follow him anywhere and will do anything for him.

IV. Costumes, Effects(FX), and Battle Scenes
This movie has a lot of "fantasy characters" to it, well, not that I doubted this to have them but if you can imagine Spawn-kinda type of monster, you can bet they're here in this movie. Can you imagine Orc-like Immortals (one of the characters in the movie)? Or how about huge, fat, human with a bone-knife for his arms? Or how about those "magus"-like characters who lives atop a rock-pillar and have a super sexy young girl for an oracle(Nipple Alert)?

For the gals, naked men abound in this movie. Muscles, abs, muscles, abs, muscles, abs, and even more muscles just keeps showing up. It's a muscle porn fest galore! However, I can't believe these Spartans wore leather underwear though. And they also fought against their enemies with super long capes. The Spartan armors looks real enough, with their huge shields and broad sword, they are a sight to behold. For the guys, well, there's a few scenes showing women with their very thin costume, see through if you may.

The action is superb, coupled with the sound effects, action is top notch. If you are familiar with MTV-like videos where a certain scene speeds up and then slows down, then the action part played like this for the most part. Bloods splattering all over, limbs being cut there, people flying everywhere, but it's done in an awesome manner. In this speed up/slow down style, I'm able to really see each strike, every thrust of the weapon.

The scenery is all computer generated, well, at least that's how it looks to me. There is also like a bronze-metal like texture on the whole movie, and it's just so good. The eye candy is never ending, from the lighting to the sepia coloring, to the emphasized contrast, everything is captivating. This is one movie where I can't miss watching at the big screen.

V. Verdict and Conclusion
I have only seen the movie once, and I quickly wrote this Blog while the vivid images and storyline is still fresh from my memory. The calm, but roaring, whispering sound still lingers in my ears long after I left the movie house. I know I'd watch it again if have the time to spare. I'll definitely be grabbing a DVD for me to enjoy it in its full glory with subtitles, extras, and other freebies. So my verdict? Go watch it!

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