Sunday, March 11, 2007

Tech Link (Motherboard): A1 Revising your Motherboards for Kentsfield

If you are unfortunate enough not to be able to replace your 680i-based board with a Kentsfield-overclocking version, then you might want to do this mod. vr-zone has a guide that not only covers eVGA's, but also on ASUS P5N32-E SLI or ASUS Striker Extreme. Note that eVGA is using NVIDIA*'s reference board, so mod on the eVGA is, theoretically, doable on other reference boards as well (Asus* is an ODM, so they make their own design). Anyway, check it out...

About two weeks ago, EVGA announced that their NVIDIA 680i SLI Motherboards have gone into the Revision A1 state, an updated revision with improved overclocking for the Quad Core Kentsfield Users. As a show of their good customer service, they have offered direct cross swap for all customers of the first version of EVGA 680i boards and to cover the shipping costs both directions.

It's all good and easy if you live in the US, but some staying in certain countries may even find this "win-win" arrangement difficult... Or even, those with NVIDIA Reference boards but not under the EVGA brand name might not even be offered this service. Or even, those with non-reference 680i motherboards, what to do? I was lucky enough to receive a A1 revision and checked out what is it that is actually changed:

Source:A1 Revising your Motherboards for Kentsfield

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