Saturday, March 24, 2007

Tech Link (Industry): Cebit could not handle Abit

Woah, funny stuff I got from a friend sending me this info. Apparently, FUGGER's three-stager cooler was shipped over to CEBIT 2007 hall to show how powerful the Abit* boards are, unfortunately, it requires just too much power to run. Talk about xtreem cooling, but they still managed to get a smaller, more electricity-friendly cooler to work. Anyway, the part about the cooler being FUGGER's is still a rumor (Update 3/25/2007: verified it's FUGGER's, link added), and that guy in red is the world famous overclocker and modder hipro5. Check out the full news, expand this Blog post.

CEBIT 2007: Electrical installations too weak
Abit was ready to show the world how good their motherboards can overclock, and they were damn shore that they would succeed. But when you run out of luck, even the best hardware can't help.

A huge three stage custom made gas cooling unit that was brought too cool the CPU. As we were informed, they couldn't even start up the cooler because it started eating more energy than the Cebit hall electrical system could handle.

Well, instead of cooling the CPU, this cooling unit turned into a pretty expensive paperweight.

After a few days, a smaller system was used to demonstrate Abits IN9 32X motherboard power combined with Intel Core 2 Extreme x6800 @ 4813MHz, and CAS3 DDR2 memory. The bus speed was 1750 MHz which looks nice.

Source:Cebit could not handle Abit

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