Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tech Link (Industry): Thermaltake* ramping up!

Woah, I just visited Thermaltake* and they have an awesome new coolers. I particularly like the MaxOrb cooler, with six (6) heatpipes, blue-led fan, and cool looking design, it's a winner. Of course, it should perform!

They also have a funky looking V1, though I think it looks more like an oversized Zalman chipset cooler for me, yay. Anyway, it's different and I hope it can perform decently as well, but the name sucks big time.

The last one is a nice decent BlueOrb FX that shows some display, however, it's been done before. Nonetheless, it's still interesting :).

Check out the website, they may have more in store to feast your eyes.


Anonymous said...

hey you have a nice intel fanboy blog here....if only this can get as popular as sharikou's or scientia's....

death_metal said...

Oh no, not that crazy Sharikou who spams the net with his crazy blabberings. Well, not that I am less crazy as him, I just don't like that guy who spews lies and baseless predictions.

Btw, thanks for the comment and for stopping by. You can help spread this site if you want though :). And I do get lots of hits lately so it's getting some attention somewhere :)