Saturday, March 10, 2007

Brag: Intel® Pentium® 4 641 (3.2GHz)@4.56GHz

I failed to post my overclocking fun run with another Cedar Mill. Recently, I overclocked an Intel® Celeron® D 352 to an amazing 5GHz on stock cooler. I figure, since that Cedar Mill based processor overclocked nicely, I decided to just pop up open another box of processor based on that core. I chose Intel® Pentium® 4 641 for its high 16x multiplier, since at just 250MHz FSB, I'll be able to reach 4GHz.
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This is the first goal, reach 4GHz. Second goal, reach it using stock vCore. Third goal, reach it using stock cooler. Now some would argue that using stock vCore equals using stock cooler. Well, you have to take into account that from stock of 3.2GHz, I will be pushing it to 4GHz and that's something that will usually drive temperature a little too high for comfort, necessitating the need for a better cooler.

Anyway, to cut the long story short, I reached all three goals very easily and it wasn't even a challenge at all. Pushing it till 4.3GHz is stable, however, at 4.4GHz, I needed to pump up the vCore to 1.4v. I remained at this vCore even at this final speed of 4.56GHz.

Do note that at this speed, I did a lot of test, the same testing with my Intel® Celeron® D 352. And it turned out very very stable, no hiccups whatsoever. At this time, I ran out of time to push it beyond that. While this is absolutely not the highest the processor can run, I am amazed that even the full blown Intel® Pentium® 4 641 can reach an amazing speed with just 1.4v of vCore at stock cooler.

My verdict? Well, if you aren't really into Conroe, then this is one processor that is a bang for the buck. Hobbyist overclockers will definitely have a lot of good time trying to high clock frequency with this processor too. And since they have 2MB of L2 cache, they're great performer as well compared to Intel® Celeron® D 352. Go get one, if only to have fun with it :), and oh, test set up is the same as my Intel® Celeron® D 352, except of coure, the CPU.

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