Monday, March 12, 2007

Preview: Thermalright IFX-14 CPU Cooler

I am not sure why there's no press release yet on this one, nor do I see any rumors floating around, but it would seem that Thermalright* has an upcoming CPU heatsink.

You can view the technical specifications here but no official information is posted on the main site. Anyway, here's the tech specs for the lazy clickers (I added some emphasis).


  • Larger surface area than any other heatsinks (140mm x 120mm) with option to install one or even two 140mm fans

  • Designed for better air flow management to work with the heatsink fans* and the air inside your computer case

  • Four large 8mm heatpipes to distribute massive amount of heat fast and efficiently

  • Optional to rotate the heatsink 90 degrees to best fit your system configuration

  • Multi-platform compatible backplate for installation on vast number and type of motherboard. No need for complicated tools to convert

  • Includes a back-side dual heatpipe heatsink (patent pending), which not only additionally cools your CPU but also takes care of the heat coming from the back of the motherboard to extend the life expectancy and stability of your motherboard

Technical Spec:
Heatsink Body
- Dimension : L146.2 x W124 x H161 mm (heatsink only)
- Weigh t: 790g (heatsink only)
- Recommended Fan : All 120mm & 140mm Fan

Back-side Heatsink
- Dimension : L134.5 x W163.5 x H112.6 mm (heatsink only)
- Weight : 130g (heatsink only)
- Recommended Fan : All 80mm & 70mm Fan

- INTEL: All Intel Socket LGA775 processors

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