Saturday, March 24, 2007

Tech Link (Gadget): Apple TV Part 1: Unboxed and Dissected

AMDTech got hold of the new Apple TV gadget and they pry it open, meddle with it, and just took them all apart till the author, none other than the AMDroid himself Anand Lal Shimp, is satisfied. There's no functional testing yet, but if you are like me who have a knack for breaking cool things open (and failing to put everything back together), then you may find this interesting. Check it out...

Although the less exciting of Apple's major announcements this year, Apple TV is finally upon us. As the world waits for the iPhone, it's time to look at Apple's latest entry into the convergence market. While we work on our review we thought you all might like to see the innards of the Apple TV.

Source:Apple TV Part 1: Unboxed and Dissected

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