Saturday, March 03, 2007

Tech Link (Chassis): U2-UFO Opti-1203 Red Powder Coat - Diamond Top

XS has a review posted for a neat chassis. While it does impress the reviewer, I am not a big fan of red chassis. I agree about the cooling promise and of course, roomy interior of such chassis, but the color is a great turn off for me. If you fancy a chassis of such caliber, or looking for such, expand for more and read more about it.


Mountain Mods was established in 2003 putting out some of best water-cooled ready aluminum cases in the business. Hand crafted in the USA these cases are made from thick aluminum yielding a strong and light weight product, which also gives you thermal friendly performance. These cases were designed with the enthusiast in mind with room for an excellent water cooling kit and plenty of space to spare for all your big dollar graphic cards and other components. A Gamers dream case comes true.

Today we will be looking at the U2-UFO Opti-1203 case. There are 17 models in the U2-UFO Opti-1203 category alone, ours is the “Red Powder Coat Diamond Top”. This model has room for 10 5.25” devices, has mounting brackets which can accommodate an additional 6 hard drives, it has 2 power supply ports, and is made to house 10 fans (4x80mm and 6x120mm).

Source:U2-UFO Opti-1203 Red Powder Coat - Diamond Top

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