Thursday, March 22, 2007

Brag: 5GHz+ again, with another CPU, on stock cooler!!!

Woah, just a couple of weeks ago, I managed to push my Intel® Celeron® D 352 3.2GHz to 5GHz+ on air on stock cooler, and now, I reached it again. I used an Intel® D975XBX2 and a value DDR2-800MHz RAM for some OC loving, I never expected this CPU to break 4.2GHz. Expand if you want to read the full story...

However, this time around, it's not a cheap Celery, but more like an entry level Intel® Pentium® 4 641. This processor is based on Cedar Mill, which is the same core as that of the 5GHz Celery. I always thought that Cedar Mill is the way to go for obscene high clocks, and I have proven it twice already.

Sure, it's not enough data, but hey, two CPUs which are boxed and retail already shows 5GHz is not only relegated for those who use high end phase change cooler, but even to those stock cooler user on air. Anyway, click on the image for the CPU-Z Validation. And I wish you good luck in achieving the same clockage.

FanBoy out...

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