Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tech Link (Motherboard): ABIT AW9D-MAX

VR-Zone's newest editor, Steeldogs, seems very impressed with Abit's* top dog motherboard for Chipzilla CPUs. I love this board too, if only it comes short with PCIe slots. I would have love to see this have three(3)+ PCIe slots! Expand to read the conclusion...


My over all experience with the abit AW9D-MAX is nothing short of excellent. From setup to benchmarking the AW9D-MAX performed flawlessly. Out of the box performance while based on related hardware shows the performance and stability of this product. Granted I didnt do much tweaking with the ram settings other than just allowing the system to default to specifications, but the fact we have such great scores combined with rock solid stability proves once again abit is moving in the right direction and doing so with a vengence.

With some extra cooling and tweaking this board can and will push our E6700 2.66GHz CPU to well over 3.6GHz giving us a full GHz or better of over-clocking potential. This is amazing headroom to say the least. abit has hit a home run in the world series of motherboard products and the AW9D-MAX makes this possible. abit has been a major player for many years and with products like the AW9D-MAX, is a testiment to abit's commitment to excellence by offering milestone products, giving the consumer a high end solution and features, combined with the best product support by trained professionals, makes abit a leader in there domain.


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