Saturday, October 07, 2006

Tech Link (Motherboard): X1 vs X2: Who's Badder?

VR-Zone managed to get their hands with an early sample of Bad Axe 2 and pit them together with the Bad Axe (1). They also tackled an interesting topic, EPP, which I already gave a hint on before. If you would like to know who's badder, go expand and read more....

The Intel D975XBX2, Bad Axe 2, is Intel's most liberal (in terms of overclocking) Motherboard made to date. From the little details such as the onboard power button to the generous Memory Voltage offered, the Bad Axe 2 looks a lot more welcoming for enthusiasts... I would say that it is very competitive even against Motherboards from makers which have been catering to the enthusiast market for a long while. While it offers no performance benefits over the BX1, with the exception of the support for EPP Memory, the overclocking ability on this board is looking very good when bundled with a Core 2 Quad processor. It will make very little sense to upgrade from a BX1 or a very decent 975 chipset motherboard to this, but those who are on a more dated platform and are looking for an upgrade should give this a serious thought.

Source:X1 vs X2: Who's Badder?

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