Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tech Link (Motherboard): Abit AW9D-Max on Vapochill LS

Uber owner, FUGGER of XS has geared up an Abit board under some pure fun run of Vapochill LS. The board proved to meet FUGGER's expectations and gave it a really high score of 9.5!!! I am itching to get my hands on this board, mine is due to arrive in about two to three week's time. Expand to check out FUGGER's thoughts on the board...

Final words:

There is no power restart issues like those found on the Asus line of boards and I only had done the cmos reset once by choice. The system will reset after failed overclock correctly making life much easier when testing.

It would be safe to reccomend this board for both benching and gaming. Stability is one of this boards stong points. Knowing the board hits so high on 1066 strap makes this board very strong in bandwidth at top speed. If it had the 1333 strap I am sure this board could huge bus speeds like those found on other boards.

The other problem is my top multiple is 11x with the x6800 on the beta bios, not the big of a problem as I use 10x now.

Abit needs to include the fans with the Max boards, not sure why that was overlooked. Despite that oversight I still give this board 9.5 score. Taking points off for small bios problems and the lack of fans in the Max package.

After gaming on this board for a few weeks it has proven itself for stability. My NB gets very hot but not unstable if dont have a fan on it.

Source:Abit AW9D-Max on Vapochill LS

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