Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Tech Link (Utility): CPUID is on update spree (New CPU-Z 1.37 and PC PC Wizard 2006.1.70)

I guess this day is software update day. The author of one of the best (at least, for me it is the best), CPUID utility has just updated the list of processor supported by CPU-Z. He has also released a newer version of PC Wizard which, as time passed by, is becoming more and more of my staple-type of utility next to SiSoft SANDRA due to its small size and features. Give this software a try and learn more about your system, and yes, this is FREE. Expand for more...(note, I don't provide direct download of the files as is required by the author).

PC Wizard has been updated to its 2006.1.70 version.

This new release adds the following :

New Processor support : AMD Athlon64 X2 5200+, Intel Pentium D 915.
New Processor Cache support : Intel Core 2 Duo Prefetcher Optimization (Adjacent Line, IP, DCU, DPL).
New Chipset support : Intel E8501, Intel 5000X/V/P/Z, nVidia 5xx, Intel i3000, i3010.
New Bus support : VIA V-Link and Ultra V-Link.
New Video Card support : AGEIA PhysX processor.
New Sensor support : AMD Rev. E and AMD NPT Processor Thermal Diode, Analog Devices ADT7467, ADT7468, ADT7473, ADT7476.
New DVD support : DVD BD-R, DVD BD-RE and BD-ROM reading and writing features, Region information.
New Application support : Microsoft Windows Live Messenger.
New Password support : MSN Messenger 7.5 recovery.
New Disk Benchmark support : Processor usage information.
New OSD support : OSD Desktop window can be moved.

Preliminary Intel Processor support : Core 2 Quad "Kentsfield", Xeon "Clovertown", Core 2 Duo T5200.
Preliminary Chipset support : Intel 946PL/GZ, Intel Q965/Q963/G965, Intel 3100.
Preliminary Sensor support : ITE IT8716F, ITE IT8718F, Winbond W83627DHG, Analog Devices ADT7475.

New Extras support : Logitech G15 LCD screen support.

Several bugs fixed.
And more ...

Go to PC Wizard page for more information.

Download PC Wizard 2006.1.70

CPU-Z 1.37 is available. The news are :

New HTML report.
Intel Core 2 Quad, Celeron 360, Mobile Core 2 Duo T5200 support.
Changed SSE4 to SSSE3 (Supplemental SSE3).
Added VIA VT8237A southbridge.
Go to CPU-Z page for more information.

Download version 1.37.
CPU-Z forum.

Source:CPUID is on update spree (New CPU-Z 1.37 and PC PC Wizard 2006.1.70)

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