Sunday, October 29, 2006

Brag: Goodies come in boxes!

Who would have thought that going to the office on Saturday would be so awesome? I got this pretty boring box, but as the saying goes,
"Don't judge the box by its appearance".
Ok, I made that up, but you know, the shipping boxes often comes battered, all dirty and messed up so I kind of invent that "saying", yay for me!

Anyway, these boxes of goodies really are nice. I will let the images speak for themselves. Of course, this is a brag thread so don't go calling me a show-off. Dang, my Christmas present is so early for me. Will there be even more goodies left in store for me? I hope so, I can always make room for another goodie!

But bragging aside, this quad core babies should really be awesome in terms of performance. If you are a gaming buff, it will be your ultimate processor. If you are a multimedia buff, this is the savior. If you are a guy who likes to join LAN party, this will be the main box in that event for sure. So make sure you save up and get one too. Till next bragging....

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