Sunday, October 15, 2006

Rant: Too many toyz, so little time. Kentsfield QX6700@QX6900

Well, I have been quite busy and I have to say that I have been neglecting all my hardware again. It's no suprise, it has always been like that, my reports about these hardware has always been sent just before the deadline (luckily). I have just sent my findings about overclockability, stability, application performance, compatibility and all other details about the new baby to make sure these will be problem free when it becomes available. The gist of the report? Well, aside from what you have probably seen from the websites about benchmarks, all I can really say is that these quad cores are as solid as a rock.

I have put this Kentsfield thru overclocking, and torture testing and they have stood the test of time. This particular CPU-Z is taken after almost two(2) days of Prime95 (four instances) with looping 3DMark2001 in the background and Mcafee AV running the background.

I can't ask for more with these babies. Performance is superb with multi-core aware and multi-threading applications. It is the fastest CPU I have used in the desktop so far and I have to give this a thumbs up. If you plan to get these Quad Core babies, start saving up. Till then, hope to see you on the Intel vPro launch this Tuesday and Wednesday. I'll be there too!

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