Thursday, October 26, 2006

Brag: FanBoyReview's 10th Month Anniversary is Special!

Wohoo, I got some really nice stuff from TPC main man himself, ReB. It is just too bad that I am currently in the phonecon, I didn't know it'll be a special visit. Had I known, I would have declined the meeting instead.

Anyway, the least I can say is extend my thanks for the special gift. It's such a cool item from TPC community. There are to items, a bag and a shirt. I really loved them both, really really nice. I am thankful that the shirts doesn't have A* logo anymore, I can really wear them proud wherever I got.

The bag goes to wifey, she'll be sporting and parading with the cool bag. The color is very very nice, formal black, and the logo stands out.

Many thanks to TPC, and this makes my 10th month anniversary even more special :).

Here are more pictures of the items (warning: big images)
Shirt Front
Shirt Front Logo
Shirt Back
Shirt Back Print
Bag Front
Bag Back
Bag Pockets
Bag Shoulder Strap

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