Friday, October 27, 2006

Misc: "Disconnected" - Editorial@PPC

I just read this Editorial over at PPC. Anyway, like the author, I lost all three: connectivity, electricity, and yes, clean water. Clean water is the most essential for me, for my family, being the head honcho at my home :)....

I have to travel to different places (my parent's and my wife's parents) just to "igib" clean water. We got water three(3) days after the typhoon, but not "clean", so I have to get this basic necessity from relatives, and groceries stores.

Power never came back till two+ weeks after. The hardest part for the father is to hear your kids ask you when will the power be back, when can they access the net, when can they have better sleeping time (two young kids age 2 and 4).

Staying at the hotel is too expensive and by the time I succumb to the idea (after 3 nights), I can't find one that is available or fits my budget. My parent's and my wifey's parent's homes weren't an option either, because they have the same problems: no water, no electricity, same banana.

I spent long nights awake trying to shoooo away some insects, and act as a human fan.

I could care less about broadband connection though, but my kids missed Barbie, Barney and the Disney characters. They can't watch TV, play DVD or access the internet (funny how kids of 2 and 4 can really learn operating a PC and these electronic stuff on their own). In the end, I have to bring them to the office with me on Saturdays (and I hate going out of the home during weekends, I am a homeboy) and Sundays so that they can get their fill of their favorite website (now, they are actually asking me when are they going back with me to the office again).

So what do I do during weekdays and kids were clamoring accessing the net? Well, I figure, we'll go back to the basics and whipped out their coloring books and many un opened crayons and water color. I play the guitar while they sing and dance. It was fun, I enjoyed it, we actually enjoyed it.

And oh, as for keeping wifey from getting really bored? We played Pusoy Dos, Tong Its, and Pek Wa before bed time. Even the two yayas were happy that they get the chance to play with us, no money involve though, just the usual "asaran" during gameplay.

Millenyo made me go back and trace my roots, I have started looking back at the stars at night time again. I have started staring at the clouds after I got back hhome from the office. I have started doing old skool art activity again with the kids. I started playing guitar again. I started going around my home garden and do some basic cleaning again. I started communicating with my neighbors again, asking them how they are doing as of late. I started to re-arrange my VCD collection again (yes, original, they are cheap so why buy pirated) and whatever DVD I have (less than 50, they are pricey yay). I started to strike conversation with old friends, I started using "text messaging" which I really love back in '97 but hated it when it boomed late '99 (so many text speak).

So yeah, being disconnected has its blessings as well, at least for me, it does bring me back and made me do things I love again.

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