Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Tech Link (Utility): SpeedFan 4.30 Final is available

Alrighty, we have a new SpeedFan from Mr. Almico. If you don't know what SpeedFan is, it is a nifty utility that reads your PC's environmental status such as, yep, Fan Speed, temperature and other niceties such as CPU utilization and S.M.A.R.T.-related information. I suggest you try this one out if you haven't used it yet and once you started using this, you'll find it very useful for tweaking purposes. It is not a bloated software, in fact, I find it very lean for the type of job it can do, and this software is FREE. Expand for more......(note, I don't provide direct download of the files as is required by the author).

SpeedFan 4.30 Final is available. This release includes a lot of improvements. New hardware monitor chips are fully supported, like ADM1026, ADT7473, MAX6640 and SCH311x. Added full support for Intel 631xESB and improved support for ICH7-M. Fixed support for other chips and added new advanced settings for some of them. Added full support for the internal temperature sensor from K8 chips on multiprocessor systems. There are several bug fixes and performance improvements too.

If you are planning a software upgrade and would like to move to Vista, consider that SpeedFan is compatible with it too. The 32 bit version works fine already. For the 64 bit version I made some tests and SpeedFan will work fine on it too.

Source:SpeedFan 4.30 Final is available

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