Thursday, October 26, 2006

Brag: Woot, reached a decade, err, 10months (and some AMD* bits to post too)

So, it's that day of the month again where I post about how I reached a certain month of anniversary or so. I will not play like a smart ass and try to post something witty, or act like I know everything so I will not really elaborate much on this posting. If there's one thing I'd like to elaborate, or shall I say, "emphasize" (yes, it's more fitting than "elaborate") is that: I hit ten (10) months of existence, I have never accomplished such a long time kind of web posting, so yep, this is a milestone for me.

On another note, with my FanBoyism kicking, a friend sent me an email about AMD* and ATi* touting Chipzilla's platform as the "Winner: "Best Gaming PC" 2006*… Computer Shopper". Grantedm it's Computer Shopper that pronounced that claim, but still, they put it up on their website. Note the "url" carefully when you click and directed to the link. Expand for more if you would like to check out the URL...

Overdrive PC™ built an ATI X1K series based gaming computer that appeals to the uber gamer. A dream machine that has exactly what high-end gamers are looking for today —speed, stability and ultimate visual quality!

This gaming PC achieves benchmark and performance standards above and beyond anything thought possible by the average gamer. Featuring two HyperClocked ™ Radeon® X 1900 XTX graphic cards, Overdrive PC™ provides one of the fastest solutions in the industry.

Source:Winner: "Best Gaming PC" 2006*… Computer Shopper

I know, I know, that ATi* is the one promoting it, and it's their feature of the month. I guess, either they tout their Video Cards and ignore their affiliation with A* or, I don't know, I can't really say much aside from that ;) (hey, I'm a FanBoy, whatdaya expect!)

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