Friday, December 15, 2006

Tech Link (Motherboard): NVIDIA nForce 680i Chipset Problems

It's a shame that such a very promising chipset will be plagued by some many issues. I have actually given up my eVGA 680i board because of the many issues, but the killer one for me is that performance. Clock for clock, and for it's price, I just can't justify owning this board anymore, it can't even compete with a motherboard from Asus based on i965.

Anyway, the cool thing about this board is that it supports Conroe Extreme as well as Kentsfield Extreme and of course, native SLI rather than hacked driver. Actually, the native SLI is the only factor that made me try this board, other than that, it's just not worth it. If you like high FSB, this board will be your board. If you like native SLI, this will be your board. If you like decent stock performance, then this is your board. But if you like overclocked + outstanding performance + stable, then look for another board. Check out HardOCP's article, if you would like to know more.

Out of the gate, the nForce 680i chipset from NVIDIA seemed to be the best Core 2 Duo overclocker going, that is of course when your system is not plagued with BSODs and data errors. You need to read this if you are considering a 680i motherboard.

Source:NVIDIA nForce 680i Chipset Problems

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