Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tech Link (Technology): Overclocking Guide Part 1: Risks, Choices and Benefits

Hmm, THG posted an article about overclocking. I don't know about you, but it looks awkward to me. Yes, they are enthusiast site but to me, they have already evolved far from being an enthusiasts' haven but more focused on comercial value of what they are doing. But hey, if you're new to overclocking, they seems to have a good article over there. Check it out if you think you're a noobie or just want to freshen up.

Who Overclocks?

Since the very beginning of the PC era, the most demanding users have sought ways to increase system performance. "Overclocking" may in fact pre-date PCs, going back to the days of simpler devices, but legends of 8 MHz 8088 processors overclocked to 12 MHz via a simple change in clock crystal started a phenomenon. Overclockers later came to be divided between two camps: "the many" who desire high-end performance on a low-end budget, and "the few" seeking ultimate performance at any price.

Source:Overclocking Guide Part 1: Risks, Choices and Benefits

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