Saturday, December 09, 2006

Misc: Free WiFi at the Hong Kong airport

The joy of using free broadband. I am now browsing the net and blogging at HK International Airport Gate 46 going to Los Angeles by 01:15 PM today. My connection is fairly low in terms of speed (5.5Mbps). Most probably because I am quite far from an access point (wherever that may be).

I remember going to Texas, USA last year, and in the same airport, at Gate 6, I got some sort of WiFi signal but it's a PPV (pay-per-view) i.e. you need to enter your credit card number. And I was like "WTH, Singapore Changi Airport has free WiFi everywhere and this airport has very limited WiFi scope and they even charge for it".

So anyway, nowadays, PCCW's free wifi coverage seems a lot "larger and wider" in scope. I have been getting nice coverage and "Fair" signal from this Gate 46 and some areas in SkyMall. But the best place should be at the top level where the restaurants are, and near the Wild Fire restaurant. There's an "ad-box" near there, and there's an open lounge where people can sit. They also have a table so travellers can easily put down their things. But the best is that they have a power outlet because of the ad-box. Sure, you can sit down in places where there's signal, but hey, this location is best for me coz I am also charging my lappy and my mobile phone.

I am thinking of making a dedicated web page for airport that has free wifi and how to access them and what's the best location. Hmmm, this should be nice, if only for my own use so I don't forget which area is best whenever I roam the Globe.

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