Sunday, December 24, 2006

Tech Link (Memory): OCZ PC2-6400 Spec Ops Edition Urban Elite

One my favorite site, MVKTECH.NET, reviews a really cool memory from OCZ. The reviewer is impressed and had a nice time overclocking it too. I want one so bad, the looks is just so neat, so amazing. I wonder how it'll perform on my rigs, I'm sure it'll be a winner. Hey OCZ, send me one quick!

Final Thoughts
The Special Ops theme is quite cool, though I would do away with the chrome heat spreaders. Replacing the chrome with a simple black honeycomb heat spreader is the way to go. The heat spreaders looked sleek and it would certainly add a touch of uniqueness to your system. OCZ Technology has designed these Special Ops Edition PC2-6400 Urban Elite modules with the overclocker in mind. The ability to operate at higher speeds with reasonably tight timings makes them an ideal solution for today and tomorrow. Performance wise these OCZ Special Ops Edition memory modules were very impressive, providing outstanding gaming experience.

We were able to overclock these modules up to 975MHz, quite a major increase, which shows that there is some elbow room in these Special Ops Edition modules. It is likely that with reduced timings, like 5-5-5-12 or slower we would have been able to increase the clock rate of these memory modules, however there is no real point, as it is simply not possible to pump that much data through to the CPU over the FSB. You can rest easy that memory speed will not be the bottleneck in your system with these modules, as a matter of fact; they should be fast enough for any of the current processors around.

Don't forget the lifetime warranty that is valid even if overvolted up to 2.3V setting. The OCZ Special Ops Edition Urban Elite memory kit was specifically designed for uncompromising gamers and enthusiast audiences who will welcome it with open arms. The memory performs its duties and exceeds where many other PC-6400 memory modules fail. When comparing price, performance, and its presentation, the Urban Elite memory is a unique and very worthy alternative to any other comparably priced high performance PC-6400 DDR2 kit on the market. It's great seeing something unique...

These Special Ops Edition modules epitomize everything that OCZ prides themselves on; they look good, overclock nicely, gives solid performance and provide outstanding stability. The OCZ Special Ops Edition PC2-6400 Urban Elite modules offer excellent performance for a great price. They are a great choice for the hardcore gamers and enthusiasts who like to overclock their systems. These can also sustain better timings than what they are rated for. The bottom line is, the product is not hyped up in anyway, the ram deserves the recognition and awards it is receiving.

Source:OCZ PC2-6400 Spec Ops Edition Urban Elite

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