Friday, December 29, 2006

Tech Link (Motherboard): ECS PN1 SLI2 Extreme Motherboard Review

LegitReviews has an ECS* board up for some lovin'. The board is labled as an Extreme motherboard, with an NVIDIA* chipset, with 2x16 PCIe slots. However, the folks at LegitReviews aren't convinced that this board is an Extreme one due to some issues with overclocking and BIOS options. Find out more...

Final Thought and Conclusion
So, how do we end this review? We end it by saying that this board is a nice board. It has some nice features, and its bundle is pretty good to boot. It is a rather attractive board (subjective, I know), so it does have a flare to it. The layout is very good, leaving room to work on the board. The only issue is the top pcie x16 slot, which is difficult to use with the heat sink fan unit that is being used on the southbridge. It is also shame that this board did not have a great BIOS to work with, but that can easily be fixed as when the board comes out ECS can release updates for the BIOS. We hope that ECS willl get a new BIOS out the door that will help with the overclocking of this board.

If you are looking at this board, you canexpect the MSRP to be around $139.99 - $149.99. As of now, it is not listed at any etailers, but according to ECS, you can expect it to shop up at the usual suspects! If you are the average Joe that set it and forgets it, this will be a board that will fill the bill so to say. If you are an enthusiast, it is hard to recommend this board, when you have the Intel Chipsets like the 975X that is rock solid and the NVIDIA 680i and ATI RD600 which have new overclocking features like unlinked memory frequencies.

Legit Bottom Line:
ECS really produced a decent board in the PN1 SLI2 Extreme. I cannot help but think that it could have really been an Extreme board with just a little more attention, especially in the BIOS department.

Source:ECS PN1 SLI2 Extreme Motherboard Review

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