Sunday, December 03, 2006

Tech Link: TYAN® T-650QX Personal Super Computer

I am not sure if I have posted it before, (I searched and can't find it) so I am {re)posting it (again). It's about a really cool PC that can support 40cores, that's so many. Warning before you proceed reading the full specs, be sure to have a tissue ready to wipe out your drool. Here's the short listed features:

  • Up to 256 GFLOPs computing power at your desk!

  • Turnkey, Easy-to-Deploy, and Easy-to-Use

  • Integrated 5 node cluster - up to 40 processor cores in a box!

  • Plugs into standard wall outlet

  • Supports Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 pre-installed and most popular Linux Operating Systems.

  • High Performance in Constrained spaces: Office, Remote, Plane, Boat, etc
    RAID capable

  • Hands On Supercomputing Experience

Typhoon Target Usage
High Performance Computing
TyanPSC's Typhoon™ 600 series Personal Supercomputers are purpose-built for individual and workgroups. With the Typhoon™ PSC, users have the power of a supercomputer right in their office or laboratory environment, so they can achieve more efficiency, with faster results.

Supercomputing for Energy Exploration
Reservoir simulation can now be done by individuals scientists in the field. The Typhoon's ease of deployment makes it easy. This can be vastly more efficient and profitable for the organization by providing preliminary analyses to sharpen and focus exploration efforts.

Supercomputing for Manufacturing and Engineering
TyanPSC's Typhoon™ Personal Supercomputers are ideal for replacing older, dated workstations.
The Typhoon™ meets the needs of engineers in the automotive and aerospace fields by providing a new level of simulation capability in the office.


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Stanley said...

Hi there

i would like to know if you think it was possible to put 3dsmaxand Vray on such a monster.

i'm searching for a powerfull randerfarm, and i think it could be the one, but i don't know for shure. i allready posted a, email on tayan website, but it's allready 2 weeks, and no answer ...

could you send me an email if you have informations ;o)


thx a lot :)