Saturday, December 16, 2006

Tech Link (Industry): 2006 CRN Industry Hall of Fame: The Inductees and The Event

Wohoo, congrats Craig R. Barret, crn recognized a genuine treasure! You deserve such honor, you indeed steer Intel into what it is today: strong, resilient, agile, agressive and has that instinct to win and the spirit to get back into action.

He looks mighty cool in his picture image in his profile. I still remember the first time I shook hands with the guy, and like Andy, and Paul, I felt that it's really such an honor to at least such experience. I even got to ask a question during one of the Q&A sessions he had. Anyway, if you're a FanBoy and would like to pay homage to one the great leaders of Intel, or you're just interested to know more about the guy, read on.

During his seven-year tenure as CEO, Barrett invested to assure Intel and America remain competitive -- no small feat in an age when other industry CEOs were taking an axe to R&D budgets and sticking their head in the sand regarding globalization.

Source:2006 CRN Industry Hall of Fame: The Inductees and The Event

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