Friday, December 08, 2006

Rant + Brag: My last day in the Philippines = today

I am preparing all my bags, to fly to U.S. tomorrow. I am excited but also sad, I'll get the chance to meet old friends and relatives but will also be leaving behind my family.

I will really miss my two kids of five(5) and three(3) years old. They are so fun to be with, but they also gave me lots of headache (I hate noisy background). I never really belived that I am going to like having babies due to the fact that I like the quiet of home, but it's a miracle I guess, that I love the noise (but not too much) and I am missing it if I don't hear it much. It's a conflict, I don't like it too noisy, but I miss it if I don't hear it.

Ah wel, anyway, I love my babies so I am excited to travel because I know I can buy them some neat stuff. Toys, dress, shoes, and chocolates. This should be great for the kids. Wifey will surely be happy as well, but I still don't know what to give her this Christmas.

As for me, ah, I'm going to get some new DDR2 memory and this time, I'll buy them myself so I can use it on my home. Engineering sample parts are too troublesome to use, besides, it's not really mine. I know I can use them till they die, but still, it's not mine. I'm thinking of buying some cheap DDR2-1000 (if there's such a thing), or maybe an iPod Video (oops, ok, that's not DDR2 memory).

I might buy some new motherboards as well, but I'm torn between i975 and 680i. i975 for tweaking, and 680i for certified driver SLI for my customers. I guess I'll just have to see if I have enough moolah to spare.

Till next...

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