Monday, December 18, 2006

Tech Link(Industry): Bloomfield To Hit > 4GHz & Has 8MB Cache

VR-Zone has a nice info for the upcoming Chipzilla products. These featurs isn't a slouch, with a mouth watering 8M of L2 cache, getting it at speed higher than 4GHz is just amazing. Check it out, now!

Based on the 45nm Nehalem architecture, Intel aims to bring Bloomfield clock speed above 4GHz in 2008. It is a speed that Intel never get to hit with their previous generation of processors where the highest clock speed reach is 3.8GHz with their Pentium 4 570 & 670. Bloomfield will contain 8MB of shared L2 cache which is smaller overall in comparison to Yorkfield 2x6MB L2 cache. As we have previously reported, Bloomfield is Socket B based, quad core and is capable of 8 threads. It is still within the 130W thermal envelope.

Source:Bloomfield To Hit > 4GHz & Has 8MB Cache

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