Sunday, March 05, 2006

Tech Link (Industry): Kenwood*'s USB-equipped Car Stereo

Kenwood* has exciting new products, featuring USB ports to enable USB flash media as storage device for music. While it's a common thing in the PC world, I haven't seen anything like it implemented on cars!

While the webs site never really clarified the kind of music playable on the USB, I would assume that most common standards will be playable at least, such as MP3 and WMA. The car stereo is also iPod*-ready, and should be a boon for those who love iPod*, and would like pimp their car (with the new car stereo) parading with their friends and peers showing how uber the new toy is: "Hey, guys want a ride? Want to show off my cool car stereo. I can plug in my 1GB USB Flash Drive with techno music. And oh, did I mention it's Bluetooth and iPod ready? Oh, I'm so cool!".

Over at Kenwood*, I saw three(3) models, all of them are Double-DIN type car stereos, and have varying features. The models are (top, mid, mainstream): DPX701, DPX501, DPX301.

Anyway, I guess I will prefer my old Audio CD playback if ever I manage to get one, after all, I still like to hear the raw, uncompressed (relatively speaking) music on my optical media. Of course, it's great to have such options for quick, manageable, and very portable music on the road.

Check it out at the link provided below. The site is getting a massive hitting right now, so you may want to reload it from time to time if you can't get acces.

Source:Kenwood USA

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