Thursday, March 16, 2006

Tech Link (Overclock): Geil Adds Voltage from Outside

Well this is a good news. Might not be something "new" since I've seen and used to be an OCZ DDR Booster user back in the s478 days, but still, this makes one think about GeIL*'s dedication to the enthusiast community. I have always been a fan of GeIL ever since I first laid hands on my trusty Value-RAM when DDR400 was very tough to find.

Geil Adds Voltage from Outside

It is not a secret that one of the problems that the memory module makers, who overclock their products to the maximum, have is insufficient supply of power to the memory slots. The manufacturers have tried to improve the situation in various ways: OCZ introduced special device that improves the quality of power for memory modules as well as allows to put higher voltage, whereas other memory module vendors worked with companies like Asustek Computer to improve memory power supply circuitries.

Geil went further! It added special power connector to its memory modules to allow them to operate at up to 3.0V voltage. It is unclear for how long memory modules can survive under these circumstances, but it is evident that with such a high overvoltage it is possible to expect maximum overclockability, provided that you have a high-performance power supply.

Currently the external voltage regulator for memory modules is still a concept and the company does not discuss speed-bins of products featuring the technology.

It is interesting to note that OCZ has already attempted to increase voltage for memory modules with its DDR booster, moreover, the company has patent pending on external power supply for memory modules.


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