Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Press Release: OCZ Technology Group Continues to Push the Envelop with the World's First Reduced Latency 1GHz Memory

Seems like my favorite RAM manufacturer is far from slowing down in serving the enthusiasts crowd. It has been known that OCZ manufactures great RAM for the niche market, but even so, despite the many competition, the only way forward for OCZ is to continue to ramp up. They have very good products, at a very competitive price. Of course, their enthusiasts-kind-of product comes at a price. Anyway, now that the other CPU manufacturer will also be supporting DDR2, I'm sure AMDroids will also ride the tide and rave how this is also a good memory, crap.

OCZ Technology Group Continues to Push the Envelop with the World's First Reduced Latency 1GHz Memory

Sunnyvale, CA—March 6, 2006—OCZ Technology Group, a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory, today announced the release of the fastest memory product available on the market—a new DDR2 series capable of 1000MHz (1GHz) speeds at CAS 4 latency (4-5-4). The PC2-8000 DDR2 Platinum XTC Extreme Edition was designed to be the ultimate memory solution for today’s PC enthusiasts that demand leading-edge PC hardware.

OCZ Technology, upholding a legacy of innovation and commitment to the enthusiast, developed the new PC2-8000 Platinum XTC series to advance next generation platforms to the next performance level, ensuring enthusiasts are not restricted by the limitations of their memory. No other company offers CAS 4 latency at 1GHz, making these ground-breaking modules the industry's fastest memory.

The new 1GHz DDR2 series will be available in two latency variations; At DDR2-1000, the PC2-8000 Platinum XTC Edition operates at exceptional 5-5-5-15 timings, whereas the PC2-8000 Platinum XTC Extreme Edition is rated at the unprecedented timings of 4-5-4-15. Both parts are offered in capacities ranging from 512MB modules to 2GB (2x1024) dual channel kits.

"We are proud to carry on our tradition of achieving both latency and speed breakthroughs," said Ryan Petersen, CEO, OCZ Technology. "While our dedication and focus has always been to produce high-performance products for PC enthusiasts, our new PC2-8000 Platinum XTC Extreme Edition is not just a product aimed solely at PC enthusiasts, but a ground-breaking solution that will lead the industry to produce DDR2 platforms that showcase the performance strengths of DDR2 as a technology."

The unique design used in the award winning XTC heatspreaders optimizes the thermal management of memory modules by promoting greater airflow than conventional heatspreader designs. All OCZ Technology memory is backed by an industry-leading Lifetime Warranty and direct Technical Support.

For more information on the new PC2-8000 Platinum products, please visit our product pages here.


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