Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Brag: Finally installed Intel® Core™ Duo T2500

Whew, after trying to find parts in and outside of the country, I finally got all the parts and completed installation of operating system for my MoDT (Mobile on Desktop). The engineering sample system seems to be holding up just fine, and is so quiet to run, I can't even hear any noise coming out from it.
The system has the following specs:
Intel® Core™ Duo T2500
OEM Motherboard based on Mobile i945G Chipset
2GB (2x1024MB) of SO-DIMM DDR2 (Adata)
80GB 2.5" Fujitsu SATA Mobile Hard Drive
OEM TV Tuner
10/100MB LAN
GMA950 Graphics

I haven't run any benchmarks yet, trying to figure out the drivers is always a challenge for ES parts. I'll try to run it as soon as I got time, but right now, I'm more concerned about functionality, usability, stability and reliability of this product. Supportability will come in next, then maybe, I can run benchmark and overclock the baby too =). Check out the CPU-Z validated link here.

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