Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Tech Link (Motherboard): Albatron Does Über-Overclocking and Lifetime Warranty

First, the Intel® Core™ Duo onslaught. Now, the Conroe invasion continues. Traditional VRM seems to be going the way of the dodo with the dawn of digital VRM, paving the way for a cleaner socket area. The dual ATX connector is a killer, with a 7-phase cpu power circuit.

Albatron Does Über-Overclocking and Lifetime Warranty

Albatron has been around for some years now, but being a relatively small company it is not easy to attract a lot of attention of performance-demanding users as companies like Asustek put tremendous amounts of efforts into publicity. As a result of that Albatron has been practically absent from high-margin market of enthusiast-class products so far. In an attempt to actually sell something that attracts performance fans Albatron has developed a mainboard featuring digital clock-generator and very advanced microprocessor power supply circuitry.

The new PX975X motherboard is based on the Intel 975X chipset, has amazing amount of special features and comes with another unique feature for the mainboard market: it has lifetime warranty.

Source:X-Bit Labs

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