Sunday, March 12, 2006

Rant: Wifey took off for the US of A today :(

I woke up early today with a heavy heart. Of course, I tried to conceal it, I just pretended everything is a-ok, normal, and well, nothing to be worry about. But actually, I feel really bad. I knew that she'll took off about four weeks ago, and we hurried to prepare all the necessary papers: plane tickets, hotel bookings, and other pre-requisites. It was a tough back then, knowing what we're doing is preparation for her departure, but I know that it's going to be tougher starting today.

Not that she never went on a business trip, in fact, we get used to flying outside the country at least four(4) times in a year, worst, about eight(8). But they are usually short trips, like three(3)days to a maximum of 17 days. But now, wifey's going to be flying off and will be away from home for the next 40+ days.

So this morning, when I sent her to the departure area, it was a very tough moment for me. I want to say go home soon, but then again, I knew it's tough. My babies will certainly miss her, but I guess they'll have to make do with their snotty, old father in me.

So sad....I guess if I can't stand it, I might have to fly over there as well. Crap!

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