Friday, March 03, 2006

Tech Link (Storage?): Hard Disk Musicality

If you hate noisy or even broken hard disk, then it will suprise you that someone is collecting it and even making "music" with it. Over at harddisko, Valentina Vuksic makes music with the use of sixteen (16) harddrives, making "rythmic noises".
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All of the sixteen(16) drive casing are removed, and equipped with a special sound pickup device connected to the drive's read head and channeled to the sound mixer. It is a very innovative way to make music, a work of art only done by true artists. The masterpiece is currently being showcased over at Aarau in Switzerland, through April 2.

Techno basics. “Harddisko” is an installation piece dealing with raw computer sounds. Rhythmic noises are evolving from sixteen harddrives, which are orchestrated through simple power circuits. By cutting the harddisk's power in varying sequences and amplifying the peculiar sound characteristics of each drive, an unpredictable acoustic and visual interplay is taking place.


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